10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home


  1. Price it right.
  • If somebody tells you your house is worth a million dollars but everybody knows its 300 thousand dollars maybe you’ll find an agent to list it to 1 million. But in today’s market the buyers out there are so technologically savvy that they know what’s going on. They have it the palm of their finger tips: Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com. They’re all telling them what your property should be selling for. So make sure to price it right from the get go because savvy buyer will know your property is overpriced and avoid it or they will check it out. But they will give you an offer way below what you listed for.
  1. Upgrade curb appeal
  • Get that grass green. Do a little landscaping work. Plant some flowers. Put some pot and plants out there. If you got a trim that looks bad on the exterior, paint it up. If you have an ugly mailbox, clean it up or get a whole new one. Curb appeal means a lot to buyers. Buyers get excited. They look online. They look at photos. If the photos don’t look good they are not getting attracted to the property. If the photos look great maybe they will drive by before they contact their agent or broker and schedule a home tour. If they drive by and see the house is pretty shabby maybe they decide not to see the interior. Make it nice, clean and inviting.
  1. De-clutter & clean up
  • First impression is your only impression. You don’t have time to do it before the buyer comes to see the house. Strategically set days to clean the property up. Keep all your community areas: living room, kitchen, family room, lofts free from clutter.
  1. Be ready to show the property at all time.
  • I know you work hard or maybe graveyard shift. It’s pretty tough to let buyers in. Remember buyers don’t have the same schedule as you do most of the time. They always have the most inconvenient time when they would like to see the property and you have to make a decision. Do you want to go to the happy hour with your friends or do you want to make sure the buyer gets in to see your house?
  1. Using lighting to your advantage.
  • Open all the windows. Open all the blinds. Spread open those drapes. Turn on all the lights. Big lights, little lights, microwave lights, stove oven lights, laundry room lights. When the windows are open, all the lights are turned on, you can see the interior a lot better and look bigger. Specially if you have a light to neutral colors it makes look bigger, cleaner and the buyers will be more attracted to it. They can vision their own décor and how they want to furnish their property.
  1. Showcase your storage.
  • We have a lot of junk in our garage. We have storage space and have a lot of junk. Clean that stuff out. Again, de-clutter the property. You don’t want to show your buyer your junk. You want to show your buyer all the space they have to put their own junk there. Empty your close up to halfway full. It showcases how much room you have in the property to store a clothes, shoes etc.
  1. De-personalize the home.
  • Family photos are all over the house and they become overwhelming to the buyer. They can even imagine their family in there by putting up their own décor or photos because they have your face plastered all over the wall. It may be a good thing or may be a bad thing. Try to de-personalize the home as much as possible.
  1. Eliminate bad odors.
  • Who want to walk into a beautiful house and it smells like garbage? Take out the trash. Take the pets and put them outside. Invest in a bottle of air freshener or scented candle. Because when people walk into a room they hit that smell and it just very inviting. It gives them a good feel and vibe about the property.
  1. Neutral color never fails.
  • I love your neon orange and neon green wall. They are amazing, work of art. But a buyer may not like that color. Neutral colors never fail: white, cream, light browns, mid colors, mid tones. Things like that are really easy on the eyes.
  1. Attention to maintenance.
  • Fix that leaky faucet. Replace that broken light bulb. Fix that squeaky door handle. Take care of them immediately. A buyer will look at a detail. Take care of the small items.

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