What value does a Realtor bring to the transaction?

I understand that real estate information is out there for you like zillow, trulia, realtor.com. They offer you great information to make wise decisions for you and your family. But let me tell you what I bring on the table.

First of all I am a GRI and that means I’m in the top  2% in California who have actually demonstrated superior market knowledge in the residential real estate brokerage arena.

Second, I like to tell you that I have 43% higher average sales price in the National Sales Agent according to National Association of Realtors. I have 150 plus transactions and counting so I have the experience to know how and the where it all to make sure you get the transaction closed to whether it’s buying or selling.

I have a 12 point marketing plan that’s very strategic to get you more eye balls on your property, more showings, more offers and ultimately a higher price for your home. I also have the right people in place. I have a strong back office system and when I talk about the right people and the right places I am talking escrow, title, home inspectors, termite people, transaction coordinators, marketing coordinator, real estate lawyers and tax planners. All just a phone call away but you will only deal with me when we’re negotiating a deal, when we’re showing properties, when we’re reviewing seller disclosures, going through inspections or reports. So that personal level is still here. I have strong negotiations skills and I have been called pitbull when it comes to real estate negotiations. And the reason why I am so good at negotiation is I understand the market. When worrying a buyers market I know what we can negotiate. When worrying a sellers market I know how we should negotiate. When worrying a bidding war I know how to make sure that you get your offer looked at and possibly win. I have strong tactics to get you in the right position to win your bid or sell your property for the highest amount in the shortest amount of time. Last but not the least I have the mobile technology to keep you out of my office and out there living life. Docusign, scan PDF, live chats. We have all kind of technology to keep you moving. You don’t have to come to the office anymore. You can sign on your iPhone, android or even your blackberry if you still have a blackberry. If that’s not enough for you please take a look at my reviews on Zillow, Trulia and Yelp. There’s a reason why I have 5 star ratings with all 3 of those major companies and over 20 reviews on each. I do a great job because I care about my clients. Please allow me to show you how I can help and ultimately help you reach your real estate goal.

Visit http://www.victor4homes.com


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