How much does it cost to rent in LA?

Victor Quiroz Realtor

Los Angeles rental prices went nowhere in January, remaining exactly where they were a month before, according to a new report from Apartment List.

Citywide, the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $1,340 per month, while two-bedroom rentals fetch $1,730.

Rents have shot up four percent since this time last year, says the report, but prices have actually dropped off a bit since August, when they hit $1,350 for a one-bedroom and $1,740 for two-bedroom units. Read more here.

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California home prices will continue to rise in 2018

Victor Quiroz Realtor

Home prices in California will continue to increase next year, but at a slower pace, said a forecast released Thursday by the California Association of Realtors.

The median price of a home is expected to rise 4.2 percent in 2018 to $561,000, less than the expected 7.2 percent increase this year. Read more here.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have a $53M mortgage to pay off on their new LA home

Beyoncé and Jay Z finally closed on their first Los Angeles home this summer, and the Los Angeles Times now has a few more details about the purchase—including the fact that the couple didn’t pay in cash.

The singer and rapper paid $88 million for the enormous 30,000-square-foot estate in Bel Air. That’s a bit less than the previously reported $90 million price tag, and well under the $120 million offer the pair were rumored to have made in April.

But despite a combined net worth of over $1 billion, the couple took on a mortgage of $52.8 million to pay for the home, according to the Times. Read more here.


Walt Disney’s former home in Palm Springs finds a buyer

Victor Quiroz

After nearly seven months on the market, a Palm Springs home that once served as a desert retreat for Walt Disney has found a new owner, as the Orange County Register reports.

Property records show that the sale closed Friday. The final sale price of $865,000 was just under $35,000 below its initial asking price of $899,000. Read more here.

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LA rents have surged 4.5 percent since last year

Victor Quiroz Realtor

The cost of rent in Los Angeles is up 4.5 percent since last year, according to a new report from Apartment List. The analysis indicates that the median price for a one-bedroom is $1,330, while a two-bedroom rents for $1,710.

If you’re wondering if those numbers are typos, we don’t blame you. When we reported on a similar report just last month, the rental website listed the median price for a one-bedroom at $1,930; two-bedrooms, according to that analysis, fetched a whopping $2,750. Read more here.

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8 Spectacular Spots In Southern California Where You Can Camp Right On The Beach

Victor Quiroz Realtor


The last few weeks of summer are fast approaching for the rest of the country, but here in Southern California we are secretly smiling to ourselves knowing that the summer season isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. With our glorious weather that sticks around all year, we have all the time in the world to soak up the sun. Read more here.

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10 Los Angeles renters’ rights your landlord doesn’t want you to know

Victor Quiroz Realtor

Los Angeles has the fourth-highest percentage of renters of any major U.S. metro area at nearly 54 percent, according to a study by Abodo, which looked at 2015 Census Bureau data. And how many of those renters know their rights as tenants, from the basic to the more obscure?

There are online repositories of important tenant info, of course. There’s the comprehensive (sometimes overwhelmingly so) website for the city’s Housing and Community Investment Department, for instance, as well as websites for fair housing and tenant advocacy groups, such as the Housing Rights Center. We’ve spoken to the experts at both of those groups to put together a quick primer on 10 rights all tenants should know. Read more here.

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