Midcentury-inspired California home is an indoor-outdoor dream

Victor Quiroz Realtor

Klopf Architecture, the San Francisco firm known for its midcentury modern-inspired residences and renovations of Eichler homes, has designed a bright and airy ranch-style home in Orangeville, a community in Sacramento, California.

Taking cues from midcentury design, naturally, the single-story residence incorporates signature characteristics from the era, like a gently sloping, overhanging roof, walls of windows, and a free-flowing layout that promotes cross breezes and that quintessential indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Read more here.

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Victor Quiroz RealtorRenters in Los Angeles have it bad, but not quite as bad as their counterparts in Miami, San Diego, and Manhattan, according to Forbes. Those cities (yes, one’s a borough, but it’s their study not ours) were the only ones to outrank LA on the magazine’s annual worst cities for renters list.

LA renters might be alarmed to note that this year’s fourth-worst ranking is one spot worse than last year, when the city placed fifth (oddly, the second, third, and fourth-place cities from last year all fell out of the top five on this year’s list). Still, one must take comfort in knowing that it gets worse—right? Read more here.

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Homeowners Spent a Record Amount on Remodeling—but on What, Exactly?

Victor Quiroz Realtor

With the Great Recession now finally in the rearview mirror, many homeowners—and their bank accounts—are suddenly a bit more flush. And that’s good news for their homes sorely in need of more than a fresh coat of paint. Some new flooring, maybe? How about brand-new kitchen countertops? And while you’re at it, maybe an entire HVAC overhaul? Read more HERE.

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Pablo Picasso’s $265 million home sells to wealthy international financier

Victor Quiroz Realtor

He was known for pushing boundaries in the art world, but most people would also call the price tag of Pablo Picasso’s French mansion an abstract concept.

Listed for $US200 million (about $265 million), the Spanish artist’s final home was sold to a Brunei financier this month — although the official sum paid for the 35-room manor has not been disclosed. Read more HERE.

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Report predicts LA rents will keep rising in 2017

Victor Quiroz Realtor


A new report on the nation’s rental markets from real estate firm Marcus & Millichap puts Los Angeles at the very top of its 2017 National Multifamily Index, predicting that rents will rise more than five percent this year, while the city’s already low vacancy rate continues to decline.

That’s great news for landlords, who should see real estate investments pay dividends this year, but renters may be understandably perturbed by the firm’s forecast. According to the report, rental prices will likely rise to an average of $2,095 per month by year’s end, an increase of 5.4 percent. Read more here.

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